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We've Got Data

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Using Data To Respond To Ever-Changing Student Needs

At Campus Health, we believe that data should be put to use in order to support the health and wellness all University of Arizona students. Our services and programs are all data-informed and continually evaluated. Campus Health’s evaluation team works with stakeholders within and outside of Campus Health to make sure we are collecting data on the most relevant and needed topic areas. From mental health, nutrition, and sleep to COVID-19, substance use, and body image, Campus Health collects functional data that is used across the University. 

Student Health & Wellness Data

Health & Wellness Survey (HWS)

Campus Health has been surveying UA students on a range of health indicators for over 30 years. We use data from our Health & Wellness Survey to help improve programs throughout Campus Health, to share with other departments on campus, and to better improve the health of our community.


We collect the HWS survey in randomly selected classrooms each spring semester (mid-February to early March), with the support of UA faculty. It is administered digitally using Qualtrics in the classroom (in-person or over zoom), and on the D2L sites of asynchronous courses. We work hard to sample an accurate cross-section of UA students, to give us the most accurate picture of the health of our students possible. 

  • But wait – you didn’t survey everyone! How can I believe the data if only a small percentage of UA students take the survey? 

In fact, the sample size we attain each year is well above what is needed to tell us, with good confidence, that what students are reporting reflects the behaviors of the student body as a whole. A quick sample size calculation shows that at a 95% confidence level, plus or minus 3% for margin of error, we would only need a sample of 1,041 for a population of 43,000 (we typically get more than 4,000). 

Health Topics Include:

  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Sleep
  • Alcohol & Other Drug Use and Protective Factors
  • General Wellness
  • Use of Health Services
  • COVID-19 Topics
  • Inclusive Demographics
  • And more 

Survey Results

2022 Health and Wellness Survey Results - Undergraduate Data Tables

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Insights Reports Series

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Mental Health

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2021 Alcohol & Other Drug Insights Report

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2021 Sexual Health Insights & Trends Report

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General Wellness

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Additional Student Health & Wellness Data

National Benchmarking

See how The University of Arizona student data compares with national college student data.

Program Evaluation

  • Free Condom Friday
  • Student Health Alcohol & Drug Education (SHADE) *coming soon
  • The Buzz *coming soon
  • Cooking on Campus *coming soon

@UAZCampusHealth Social Media Data

See how Campus Health's social media presence impacts students' health knowledge and behavior change.

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Data Dissemination  


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Additional Assessments

Citing Us

We ask that you cite us should you reference the Health & Wellness Survey data. Please use the following:

University of Arizona Campus Health Service. (Year). Health and Wellness Survey Aggregate Report for Public Use - Weighted Undergraduate Report. Retrieved from health.arizona.edu/weve-got-data.

Note that as we add additional reports on the website, the name of the report cited will change depending on which report you are using.

More Information

Would you like us to come and talk about these results or bring a health program to your class or group? Feel free to make a program request here.

To learn more about the Health and Wellness Survey or for questions, please contact:

Dr. Peggy Glider, Coordinator for Evaluation and Research
Health Promotion & Preventive Services
Campus Health Service

Rachel Abraham, MPH, Evaluation Manager
Campus Health Service