Get Back In Touch With Stressbusters

Aug. 22, 2022
Person standing giving a seated person a back rub

One of Campus Health’s favorite student organizations is back! After nearly a 2-year hiatus, the Stressbusters, and the program’s signature 5-minute backrubs, are returning for Fall 2022. Recruitment for this year’s Stressbuster’s program has begun, and Stressbusters Free 5-minute backrubs will return to campus after Stressbusters Training on September 17th.

What is Stressbusters?

Stressbusters is a national training and outreach program that teaches student volunteers to be free resource advisors and backrub providers who continuously calm and connect thousands of UArizona students with support services at events all over campus. The Stressbusters Program was created by Jordan Friedman at Columbia University and began expanding to additional campuses in 2006. The University of Arizona Stressbusters program began in October 2013.

Stressbusters has been a favorite program of UArizona students since its debut in 2013. Beyond a free-5minute backrub, the Stressbusters program provides students with an opportunity to take a short break from their busy days. During this break, students have the opportunity to slow down, check in with themselves, and find a moment of relaxation to decrease stress levels. Additionally, the Stressbusters program provides students an opportunity to learn about Campus Health resources as well as stress-relief strategies for daily stressors.

What are the benefits of being a Stressbuster?

Gain Hands on Experience and Develop Leadership Skills

Stressbusters learn and practice a variety of skills in addition to learning how to give great 5-minute backrubs. Stressbusters is a fantastic opportunity for students who need “hands on” experience for future goals, such as medical, dental, physical therapy, and other health and wellness programs and professions. Stressbusters also have opportunities to take on leadership roles within the organization, and can practice coordination, leadership, and event organization skills.

Learn new Stress Relief, Mental Health & Wellness Promotion Skills

Additionally, Stressbusters students learn additional stress-relief techniques to share with students and for personal practice. Stressbusters learn about Health and Wellness resources on campus and how to refer peers to these resources. Stressbusters also receive training about how to promote mental wellness techniques to peers during Stressbuster events.

Make Friends and Connections

Finally, Stressbusters have opportunities to meet a wide variety of people. Stressbusters meet many students, staff, and faculty members during Stressbuster events. Additionally, Stressbusters have an opportunity to form friendships with other Stressbuster volunteers who have similar interests. Students who become Stressbusters will also have opportunities to collaborate with other Health and Wellness student organizations on campus to network and learn about strategies for wellness for college students.

How can I join the Stressbusters?

The Stressbusters team is accepting applications through September 11, 2022. Students interested in the program should fill out this short application form. Successful applicants will be invited to interview with and meet the Stressbusters advisors and must be available to attend Stressbusters training on Saturday, September 17th.

Upon acceptance to the program, Stressbusters volunteers will participate in a 5-hour training on Saturday, September 17th, which will be led by Stressbusters Founder Jordan Friedman this year! After completing training, Stressbusters will volunteer for one hour each week to provide free five-minute backrubs to University of Arizona students. This semester, Stressbusters can be found in the Student Success District and at South Campus Rec on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings starting in mid-September.