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Bringing Wellness To You

Our health educators and dietitians can bring a variety of interactive health and wellness programs to your class, club, or student group! Presentations are available virtually or in-person.

Program Menu

Bear Down on Health & Wellness (45 minutes)
Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Learn the Top 10 Tips to thrive in college.

Campus Health Service 101 (10 minutes)
Learn about the many helpful services your one-stop shop for health care has to offer to students.

Digital Detox (45-60 minutes)
Take control of your phone – a few small steps that can have a big impact on your mental health.

The Buzz (45-90 minutes)
Beach balls, frisbees, and game show buzzers are all part of this fun, interactive group alcohol education program.

Red Cup Q&A(30-45 minutes)
Separating alcohol fact from fiction.

Rx Safely (45-60 minutes)
From Adderall to Xanax, discover how prescription drugs have the power to help, harm, and heal.

Food & Mood Connection (60 minutes)
Does what we eat influence how we feel or does how we feel influence how we eat?

Nourishing Choices & Campus Life (60 minutes)
Learn to build satisfying meals while staying under budget.

Nutrition Myth Busting (45-60 minutes)
Debunk common nutrition myths and get the facts.

Nutrition: [ Name Your Topic ] (45-60 minutes)
Not finding a nutrition presentation that fits your need? We’ll adapt to you!

SexTalk (50-75 minutes)
Answers to your burning questions about sex, birth control, STI’s, and more!

Healthy Boundaries (50-60 minutes)
Discover your own self-care plan, learn the power of saying “no,” and practice setting boundaries.

Navigating Relationships (60-120 minutes)
Discover pathways to more satisfying relationships that honor the desire for individuality and togetherness.

Mental Health, Self Care, & Suicide Prevention (45-60 minutes)
Tips for improving your own mental health and helping others

QPR Suicide Prevention: Question, Persuade, Refer (90-120 minutes)
We all have the potential to save lives. Learn the 3 simple steps anyone can use to help save a life from suicide.

Sleep & Self-Care Party (60-90 minutes)
A throw-back to your favorite childhood sleepover games – with a twist! Explore strategies and positive sleep practices while playing games like self-care share or dare and self-love spin the bottle.

Sleep & Stress (45 minutes)
Learn to lower your stress, improve your sleep, and thrive.

Stronger Than:  The Power of Perspective (60 minutes)
Discover how your perspective impacts coping & problem-solving abilities.