Health Coverage Guidelines for an Exemption

These guidelines are in effect through August 15, 2024 and are subject to change.

In order for the Campus Health Insurance office to approve an exemption from the Student Health Insurance Plan, the policy must meet the following health coverage guidelines.

Regardless of gender, the policy must meet ALL aspects below:

  • Coverage is provided through a Group Health Insurance policy (is not an individual plan)     
  • The registered UA student cannot cancel this policy
  • The maximum benefit per injury or sickness under this policy is unlimited
  • The annual individual deductible under this policy must not exceed $1,000. Important: If you have an individual deductible that exceeds $1,000 and have an HSA account, your account balance must cover your deductible that exceeds $1,000. A copy of your latest HSA end balance will be required
  • The coinsurance responsibility for student must not exceed 50%
  • The policy must provide coverage for the following essential health benefits:
Ambulatory Patient Services Emergency Services Durable Medical Equipment/Prosthetic Devices
Rehabilitative Therapy Services Hospitalization Maternity Coverage (entire pregnancy)
Laboratory & X-ray Services Preventive Services Mental Health/Substance Abuse Services
Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Prescription Drugs  

If the following two benefits are not covered under your medical insurance policy, check to see if they fall under a life or supplemental insurance policy. If you find that you do not have these two benefits, a policy can be purchased separately at a minimal cost. However, we recommend that you submit your exemption request along with the medical benefits summary before making the additional purchase to assure that your medical coverage is approved.

  • The policy must provide Repatriation Benefits not less than $50,000
  • The policy must provide Medical Evacuation Benefits not less than $350,000

Supporting documentation required when submitting the Exemption Request

English version of Benefits Summary required when submitting the Exemption Request