Welcome to the Campus Health Service at The University of Arizona. We are committed to promoting health, wellness and safety at the UA by providing quality medical and mental health care, outstanding health education, while assisting the institution in health-related policy development.


Health Alerts

  • Flu News

    The 2015-2016 flu shot is available at Campus Health! The cost for the flu shot is $20 without insurance. It is... Read More
  • Traveling?

    Find out what immunizations you may need before you travel and important food & water safety tips for your... Read More
  • More Than A Cold?

    Wondering what to do? Typical symptoms lasting 7-14 days: Runny nose Nasal/Sinus congestion or pressure Cough Sneezing... Read More
  • STD Testing

    Get confidential STD testing and treatment, here at Campus Health.