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The SexTalk: Answers to Your Questions about Sex and Relationships appears in the Arizona Daily Wildcat and is written by Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES, David Salafsky, MPH, and Carrie Johnson, MEd, CHES, health educators at Campus Health.

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Gardasil Vaccine Update


Risk Levels for Sexual Behaviors
How Do You Build A Healthy Relationship
Gardasil Vaccine 101
Am I The Only Virgin On Campus?
Birth Control & Affordable Care Act (ACA)
What Are Hickies & What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them?
Which STIs are curable?
How Do You Improve Sexual Sensations For A Man When Using Condoms?
Sex & Stress
Benefits & Side Effects Of The Birth Control Pill
What Exactly Is A Yeast Infection?
Some Things You May Not Know About Sex
How Many UA Students Get Tested for STDs?
Date Ideas
What Is the Average # Of Students That Have Sex at UA?
Is Birth Control Really 99.9% Effective?
Menstrual Cycle & Fertility
How has hooking up changed the college dating scene?
Sexual Health Mythbusters (2018)
How much does an STD test cost without insurance?
What UA Students Do To Stay Sexually Healthy
Sex & Stress
Are cold sores the same as herpes?


Sexual Health Mythbusters (2016 Edition)
How Do I Avoid The Friend Zone?
Sexual Health By The Numbers
Can You Get An STD From Oral Sex?
How Many Forms of Contraception Have Been Used to Date?
What Are The Benefits and Disadvantages of IUDs?
What Happens If You Use Viagra But Don't Need It?
Sex and Alcohol
Birth Control & Future Fertility
Does Friends With Benefits Work?
The Withdrawl Method
When Do STDs Start To Show On A Test?
Am I The Only Virgin On Campus?
The Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Explained
Is Foreplay Important?
Uncircumcised Penis & Condoms
Tinder Tips
How Many People Have STDs?
I Heard I Don’t Need a Pap Test Every Year. Really?
Spring 2017 Wildfact Edition
How Often Do Condoms Break?
Date Suggestions
What's The Average Amount Of Calories You Can Burn During Sex?
Does "Friends With Benefits" Work?
If An 18-Year-Old Has Sex With An Underage Partner Is It Sexual Assault?
All About Mono
Male Condoms 101
Long-Term Effects of Chlamydia
Will He Still Be Into Me If I Don't Have Sex With Him?

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