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The RedCup Q&A: Separating Alcohol Fact From Fiction appears in the Arizona Daily Wildcat and is written by Lynn Reyes, LCSW, LSAC, David Salafsky, MPH, Lee Ann Hamilton, MA, CHES,  Spencer Gorin, RN, Christiana Castillo, MPH and Kaye Godbey, MPH in the Health Promotion department of Campus Health.

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When Should I Call for EMS?
Is Hard Alcohol Worse For You?
How Dangerous is the Combination of Alcohol and Xanax?
Does Alcohol Affect Weight Gain?
Top 5 Hacks To Stay In Your Sweet Spot
What Happens If I'm Caught On Campus With Alcohol?
When Do You Know If You Are A Heavy Drinker?
What's The Best Hangover Cure?
What Is A Blackout And Why Don't I Remember Things?
How Do I Control My Drinking At A Party?
How Many Drinks Will Get You To The .08 Limit Or Above?
Which Is It, "Beer Before Liquor" Or "Liquor Before Beer"?
Extra Special New Year's Edition!
Drinking Tips from the Most Interesting Man in the World
Why Can't I See As Well When Drinking?
What's The Most Expensive Bottle Of Alcohol There Is?
MIP & Parental Notification
What's The Healthiest Way To Drink?
Special Spring Break Edition!
Is It A Good Idea To Not Eat Before Drinking Beer?
Are e-cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?
How many drinks do you have for a pre-game?
Will alcohol affect my workouts and athletic performance?
What else is there to do in Tucson besides drink?
How long does it take for alcohol to leave your system?
Are breathalyzers accurate and do I have to comply?
When you pass out do you still have REM sleep?


When Should I Call for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)?
I’m From Out-Of-State and Heard AZ Laws Are Strict. Is That True?
What Else Is There To Do In Tucson Besides Drink?
What Happens If You Get Caught Drinking at a UA Football Game?
Why Do We Vomit When We Get Drunk?
How Many Drinks Does it Take to Get Alcohol Poisoning?
Top 10 Ways To Pass On A Drink
3 Things To Never Mix With Alcohol
How Many Drinks Will Get Me To The .08 DUI Limit Or Above?
Alcohol As A Performance Enhancer?
What Are The Best Drinks To Make Your Night Fun And Enjoyable?
What Are The Effects Of Drinking And Using Adderall?
Can Men Outdrink Women?
Parent Misconceptions About My Drinking
Common Questions Answered
All About Blackouts
How To Drink Less
Different Amounts of Alcohol and Getting Sick
Is Hard Alcohol Worse For You?
Does Alcohol Make Depression Worse?
Does Having Food In Your Stomach Help? If So, Which Foods?
Why Do Students Feel Pressured to Drink at a Party?
Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcohol Dependence
What UA Students Want To Change About Their Drinking Behaviors
Spring Break Edition
Why Not To Take Tylenol For A Hangover
Why Does Alcohol Make Some People More Aggressive?
Should I Not Drink If I'm Sick?
How Many Drinks Will Get You To The .08 Limit?
How Can I Convince My Best Friend To Cut Back On Drinking?
What UA Students Said Was In It For Them When They Change Their Drinking Style
How Dangerous is the Combination of Alcohol and Xanax?

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