Graduate Assistants/Associates

Students who are eligible for or enrolled under Medicare or Medicare Advantage are not eligible to enroll under this policy.

You must enroll for coverage in order to receive the Student Health Insurance Plan benefit.

Graduate Assistants/Associates have health benefits paid for by The University of Arizona, providing you are officially hired and have signed and filed with The University of Arizona a "Notice of Appointment" prior to employment and be taking a minimum of 6 units of graduate credit. Once the hiring documents have been processed and you have enrolled for the Student Health Insurance Plan, the Graduate College will credit your Student Bursar's account the full premium for "Student Only" coverage. You may view the Graduate College credit through your UAccess Student Center account.

This plan is not available to Arizona Online students.

For Arizona Online, Southern Arizona & Distance Learner Students, please click here for information on eligibility and fees.

Students on a leave of absence, that is enrolled for zero (0) units, do not meet the eligibility requirement to enroll or continue on the plan.

For Fall and Spring enrollment/cancellation, go to your UAccess Student Center account and follow the steps listed on the guides below.

For Summer enrollment/cancellation submit an “Enrollment/Cancellation” form securely.

If you experience a problem, contact the Campus Health Insurance Office at or 520-621-5002.

The Student Health Insurance can be added, canceled, or changed only during the published open enrollment.

Once enrolled, you will be automatically re-enrolled and billed the appropriate premium through the UA Bursar's office in future semesters (each fall and spring) within 3 business days of showing registration units, providing you meet eligibility. This also applies to students who have or had a Graduate Assistantship. If you wish to cancel coverage, you must do so during the published open enrollment.

Fall (4.5 months)

Spring* (7.5 months)

Pre-Session Summer

Summer Session I & II

08/16/22 - 12/31/22 01/01/23 - 08/15/23 05/15/23 - 08/15/23 06/01/23 - 08/15/23

Last Day to Enroll/Cancel




Session I - 06/20/23
Session II - 07/24/23






*Spring includes summer months.


Certain qualifying life events will allow one to come onto the plan outside of an open enrollment providing arrangements are made no later than 30 days from the qualifying life event. If you wish to be prorated onto the plan, please send an email from your official UA email to our office,, with the following information:

  • Request to be prorated onto the plan
  • Date of the Qualifying Life Event
  • Reason for loss of coverage

Once received, we will send you a prorate application based on the information provided.

In compliance with the UA email policy all open enrollment notices and information regarding the health care options is sent to the student's official UA email ( address.

You may also receive important plan information from UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR).