Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill a prescription at CHS Pharmacy?

Bring in the written prescription your doctor gave you and your picture ID.

How do I refill a prescription at CHS Pharmacy?

Call (520) 621-6516  (24/7 refill line).
After hours leave all your info, it will be ready the next business day as long as you have refills remaining OR use our MobileRx app:
Bring in your picture ID.

How do I refill a prescription at CHS Pharmacy if I had it filled at another pharmacy last time?

Call (520) 621-6516 or come in with the old prescription label.
We will need the phone number of that pharmacy and if possible the RX# they gave your prescription and your info.
We call that pharmacy and if you have good refills, we can get it ready for you that day.

Do I have to fill my prescription(s) at the CHS Pharmacy?

We are happy to fill any prescription for eligible students, but you are not required to fill at the health center pharmacy. A list of community pharmacies can be found online or by contacting your insurance provider.

What is the wait for filling a prescription?

Usually only 10-15 minutes.
Speed up the process by calling refills in ahead of time (520) 621-6516.

Do you carry every type of medication?

We have a formulary and carry many items.
We can special order medications we do not carry all the time. Just ask us!

Do you accept insurance?

We currently only accept the ABOR Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.
If you don't have this insurance, we are still happy to fill your your prescription(s). We can send charge(s) to your bursar's account. You may wish to consider submitting your bill and receipt(s) to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Are you expensive?

No.  We get great deals on our products because we only serve the UA population and we pass that savings on to you.
Patient Assistance Programs are available if you can’t afford a critical prescription.  Our referral office can help you!
Most of our prescription medications are cheaper than what retail pharmacies charge. Please feel free to call and ask us for a price quote.

Can I put it on my Bursars and pay later?

Yes, if you're eligible.
Anything in the pharmacy can be put on your Bursar's – prescriptions and our wide selection of over-the-counter products.  You must be eligible to use Bursars.

Can I pay for it today?

Of course! The reception desk will take cash, check, credit cards, or debit.

Can I get Motrin or Tylenol there?

Yes, we have lots of Over The Counter items at great prices!

Where are you located?

At Campus Health (Highland Commons Building) on the 1st floor.  Call (520) 621-6516 for directions.