Asthma Education Program

We now offer a new one-on-one appointment with your Pharmacist to discuss:

  • Medications and reducing side effects
  • How best to use meter dose inhalers
  • How best to use dry powder inhalers
  • How to use a peak flow meter
  • How to use a holding chamber/spacer
  • How to manage your own asthma

Review the material below, then click HERE to make an appointment.

Limited time only! FREE peak flow meter and spacer at your appointment!

Below are some educational materials to help you learn about how to manage your asthma.

Take the Asthma Control Test  and bring it to your appointment.

Review meter dose inhaler use:

Review dry powder inhaler use:

Review peak flow use:

Allergy and Asthma in the Southwestern United States has helpful additional information and links.

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